Google AdWords Management

What if you could get more leads without increasing your AdWords budget? There are several things you can do to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a Google pay-per-click campaign. Look at these three examples:

Lower Costs

By bidding strategically, carefully evaluating keyword performance an experienced AdWords manager can reduce both the average cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

Improve AdWords ROI

Return on ad spend can be increase by double digits or more when wasteful bidding is eliminated. We do this by redesigning ad groups and by better bidding strategies.

Capture More Traffic

Well performing areas of the campaign can be expanded by allocating more budget to top keywords and carefully testing other keywords and ads for new opportunities.



australia_225Help from a Senior AdWords Strategist

Click To Lead  offers a full Google AdWords management service provided by a Google Certified Professional. We’re based in Brisbane and have years of experience in helping Australian businesses from a wide range of industries make the most out of search engine marketing and save on their advertising costs.

We have been creating and optimising pay-per-click campaigns since 2009 and have the experience necessary to help you too. Talk to us if you’d like to have your account managed by an expert. Contact us today to arrange an obligation-free initial review.

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What Makes a Good AdWords Campaign?

There is a simple secret to running an efficient Google ad campaign. It’s this:

Google rewards ads that match the searchers’ intent best and get most clicks. Well performing advertisers are incentivised with lower costs-per-clicks and higher ad positions, which in turn drive more clicks.

A smart advertiser will leverage this mechanism by optimising their ads and landing pages. Carefully limiting a campaigns keywords, location, device and even time settings can help eliminate waste and focus on the most profitable market segments.

Is AdWords Right For Me?

AdWords can work for a wide range of businesses due it its flexibility. You have full control over how much you spend per day and what your maximum bid is going to be.

There are however business for which AdWords may not be the best solution. Some industries with high search marketing competition have high average bid levels that make it hard for companies with low-margin models to compete. In other cases a poor performing website can lead to low conversion rate and a negative return on investment. Fortunately, performance of PPC campaigns can be quantified much more precisely than with other advertising mediums.

This means that it’s fairly easy to audit a campaign and evaluate its profitability early on.